Top 10 Colleges for Biotechnology

                           Top 10 Colleges for Biotechnology


What is Biotechnology

Hello Friends, In this Blog we will know the Top 10 Colleges for Biotechnology  but before that we should know what is Biotechnology? It is also called Biotech. Biotechnology is a branch of science which deals with the Techniques of using live micro-organism (bacteria), plants or animal cells or their components and enzymes from organism to produce products and processes (services) useful to human beings.` The Term Biotechnology was coined by Karl Ereky.

The Most prominent area of Biotechnology is production of Therapeutic proteins, Vaccines and other drugs through Genetic Engineering.

Blood Cells

Biotechnology is versatile/multifaceted in nature. It involves


Computer Science






Cell and Molecular Biology



Recombinant DNA Technology



We can use Biotechnology in various fields like

·        Industry

·        Medicine

·        Environment

·        Agriculture

There are two types of Degrees in Biotechnology. One is  B.Sc. in  Biotechnology and the other is  B.Tech in Biotechnology. Students have to opt any of the degree. Let’s do the comparison so that one can understand the differences while opting these degrees



 B.Sc. in Biotechnology

B.Tech in Biotechnology

Full form

Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology

Bachelor of Technology in Biotechnology

Degree Type







3 years

4 years


Here Student generally focusses on Advanced Study on Cellular and Biomolecular process.

It focusses more on Research and development rather than Industry Specific Skills

Here Student focusses on Theoretical and Practical Training in the areas of Biological chemistry, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Analytical Techniques and Bio-informatics

Focus Area

It focus more on Theoretical knowledge

It focuses more on Practical Knowledge

Average Fees

Rs. 1 to 4 lac (Approximately)

Rs. 4 to 10 lac (Approximately)

Average Salary

Rs.2.5 lac to 4 lac CTC

Rs. 3 lac to 8 lac CTC



Top 10 Colleges for Biotechnology





Indian Institute of Technology (IIT):  IIT is the most renowned university in India and its degrees are valued all over the world. It has various colleges all over India. Some of the famous colleges to study Biotechnology  is IIT Kharagpur, IIT Roorkee, IIT Delhi, IIT Bombay, IIT Kanpur  to list few.

Courses Offered

B.Tech , MTech, MTech Bioprocess Engineering, PHD


For Entering into B.Tech, Student must pass his/her 12th or Intermediate in Science (PCBM).


IIT conducts Joint Entrance Examination in which student must pass through



National Institute of Technology (NIT) :  NIT has the premiered colleges after IIT. It has 31 colleges all over India. Some of the best colleges to Study for Biotechnology is NIT Warangal, NIT Calicut, NIT Rourkela , NIT Durgapur, NIT Trichy, NIT Karnataka to list few.


Courses Offered

B.Tech, MTech, Ph.D.


For Entering into B.Tech, Student must pass his/her 12th or Intermediate in Science (PCBM).


IIT conducts Joint Entrance Examination in which student must pass through



Delhi Technological University (DTU): DTU was previously called as Delhi College of Engineering. It was established in 1941 as Delhi Polytechnic. Here, Department of Biotechnology was established in 2004.


Courses Offered

B.Tech in Biotechnology, MTech in Bioinformatics, Ph.D.


For Entering into B.Tech, Student must pass his/her 12th or Intermediate in Science (PCBM).


Students must pass JEE or GATE to get admission into.



Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore (VIT): It is one of the top 15 Engineering Institute in India. It was established in 1984 by G. Viswanathan


Courses Offered

M.Sc. Biotechnology, M.Sc. Applied Microbiology , B.Tech & MTech in Biotechnology.


For Entering into B.Tech, Student must pass his/her 12th or Intermediate in Science (PCBM).


The College conduct VITEE Entrance Exam every year



School of Biotechnology, Madurai Kamaraj University: It was established in 1966 in Madurai, Tamilnadu. This university consists of Centre of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Centre for Excellence in Innovative Biotechnology.


Courses Offered

M.Sc. Biotechnology, M.Sc. Computational biology, Advance Diploma in Plant Genomics, Advance Diploma in Bioinformatics


Candidate must pass National Level GAT-B Entrance test conducted by Regional Centre for Biotechnology (RCB), Faridabad. Once cleared the Test, The Applicant must apply  MKU within 15 days of the Result



Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Mumbai : ICT was established in 1933 and is a state funded deemed university. It majorly focusses on Research and Training in the fields of Chemical Engineering, Chemical Technology and Pharmacy.


Courses Offered

MTech Food Biotechnology, MTech. Bioprocess Technology, Ph.D. Biochemistry/Biotechnology


The candidate must Complete B.Tech or Equivalent to Study for MTech courses.


The candidate is selected through GATE. The candidate have to give the GAT-B (Gratitude Aptitude Test  Biotechnology) conducted by the Department of Biotechnology



National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI), Karnal: NDRI is one of the premier college and more specific Animal Husbandry and Dairy Research. It  was established in Bangalore in 1923. In 1955, The Institute headquarters moved to Karnal. This Institute have more than 1700 dairy animals used for breed improvement projects and other research activities.


Courses Offered

B.Tech (Dairy Technology), Masters in Dairying, Ph.D.


For B.Tech, Candidate must pass his/her 12th/Intermediate with Science Subjects (PCM) and English with at least 50% Marks for General and 40% marks for SC/ST/PH/Tribes .

 For Masters, Candidate must secure 60% marks for General category and 50% marks for SC/ST/PH/Tribes.


The candidate must pass an All India Combined Entrance Examination conducted by the ICAR, New Delhi




School of Life Sciences, University of Hyderabad: School of Life Sciences was introduced in 1977. It basically promotes Research and Teaching.

Courses Offered

Biochemistry ( M.Sc. , Integrated M.Sc-Ph.D. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Ph.D.)

 Plant Sciences (M.Sc. Plant Biology and Biotechnology, M.Sc. Molecular Microbiology, Ph.D.)

  Animal Biology (M.Sc.)

  Biotechnology & Bioinformatics (M.Sc. Biotechnology, MTech Bioinformatics,

Integrated  M.Sc./Ph.D. Biotechnology)                      

Systems and Computational Biology ( Integrated M.Sc. in Systems Biology,

 Ph.D. in Systems and Computational Biology)



For Master’s in Chemistry Section , the candidate must secure at least 60% marks in

For B.Sc. with Science Subjects (Chemistry or Biochemistry as one of the subjects) For Master’s in Animal Biology and Biotechnology, the candidate must secure at least  60% marks in  B.Sc. with Science Subjects.



For M.Sc. in Biotechnology, Candidate must pass examination of Combined Biotechnology Entrance Exam (CEEB) sponsored by the Department of Biotechnology




National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER), Mohali : NIPER is a premiered Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences and is established in 1998. This Institute is more focused on Advanced Study and Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences. This Institute has been declared as a “Institute for National Importance” by the Government of India.


Courses Offered

M.Pharm, MS Pharm,  MTech[Pharm] ,MBA Pharm & Ph.D.



For M.Pharm , B.Pharm is required

 For MS [Pharm], B.Pharm or M.Sc in (Organic/Analytical Chemistry) is Required

 For MTech[ Pharm],  a candidate requires B.Pharm or M.Sc (Life Sciences)  OR M.Sc (Organic Chemistry) OR B.Tech (Chemistry Engineering)

For Ph.D. , A Master’s degree in Pharmacy with the Specialization in which he has to do Ph.D. is required



The candidate have to clear GPAT examination to get admission into PG and PH.D.



Shoolini University, Solan: Shoolini University was founded in 2009 and is a Private University.


Courses Offered

B.Sc./M.Sc. in Biotechnology and B.Tech/MTech in Biotechnology , Ph.D.


For M.Sc , A candidate must have B.Sc. with   Biotechnology/Biochemistry/Microbiology/ B.Tech with minimum 50 % Marks

For MTech , A candidate must have B.E/B.Tech/B.Tech Biotechnology/M.Sc Biotechnology/M.Sc Microbiology/M.Sc Biochemistry or any Life Sciences with minimum 50% marks.



For Masters and Ph.D. Shoolini University took their own Entrance exam followed

by  Personal Interview. However, Candidates who have qualified in JRF/SET/NET are exempted from the Test



Some More Top Colleges for Biotechnology


Devi Ahilya University, Indore

Manipal University, Manipal

AIIMS, New Delhi

Savitribai Phule, Pune

BIT, Mesra

BHU, Varanasi

Loyola College ,Chennai

SASTRA University, Thanjavur

Amity University, Noida

St Xavier’s College, Mumbai

Acharya Institute of Technology, Bengaluru

Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Lucknow

Satyabhama Institute of Technology, Chennai

Maharishi Dayanand, Rohtak

PES Institute of Technology & Mgmt., Shivamogga

SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai

Jadavpur University, Kolkata

NIRMA University, Ahmedabad

Anna University, Chennai

Christ University, Bangalore



Job Opportunities

Student who study Biotechnology  can apply on these job .Below is the job Title

·        Microbiologist

·        Medical Scientist

·        Biomanufacturing Specialist

·        Epidemiologist

·        R&D Scientist

·        Medical and Clinical Lab Technologist

·        Product Strategist

·        Clinical Technician

·        Biopharma Sales Representative

·        Business Development Manager

·        Bioproduction Specialist



Top Companies

Some of the Top Companies who is always in need of Student who study Biotechnology. Some of them are below:

·        Pfizer

·        AbbVie

·        Regeneron

·        Amgen

·        GRAIL

·        Gilead Sciences


And many more Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Client








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