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 Wealth Management is an investment advice to manage a person’s financial life and covers all parts of the financial goal. It achieves two types of Goal, Preserve of Wealth and Growth of Wealth. It helps in increasing the client’s wealth and study the financial situation, goals, and competency to take risks.


Categories of the Client on the basis of Net worth

Wealth Managers offer services to HNI clients. There is a classification of client’s according to their net worth

  • Ultra HNI Client: Client whose net worth is more than 10 crores to invest come under this category.
  • HNI Client: Whose net worth comes under 1-10 crore to invest
  • Mass Affluent: Whose net worth comes under 25 lakh-1crore to invest.


Ancient context on Wealth Management

 Long before the Modern context, Our Rishis had written a lot of things about Wealth Management and its importance. Rigveda says, “One should save resources both physical and financial to take care of our future requirement and save from uncertainty”. The person who utilizes his resource wisely and do not waste will never compromise his future goals and can live his life stress-free during uncertain days. It is also said, “live your life according to your means”.



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Process of Wealth Management

 During the Initial meeting with Wealth Manager, discussion is based on their working style and business terms. Once agreed upon each other, The Manager will prepare a Wealth Management plan and follow the process.

  • Data Gathering: We will take details of your assets and liabilities, income and expenditure, and your risk appetite.
  • Goal Setting: We have to establish short term and long-term goals and also required to recognize your dedication to meet your target.
  • Define the terms of engagement: Wealth Manager will define the service deliveries and fees he will charge from the client.
  • Identification of Needs: We will analyze your current position and evaluate any gaps in your situation. We will identify your requirement and work to meet your objectives.
  • Report Preparation: Our analysis and recommendation will be presented in a written report so that it helps in reviewing data on which we can agree on an action plan.
  • Analyzing the opportunities and challenge: Analyzing the opportunities and challenges is explaining the client risk factors associated with each investment.
  • Implementation: We liaise with providers and other professional to implement the agreed plan.
  • Review and Revision: Wealth Management is a long-term plan that requires regular annual review. The fund performance as well as your circumstantial change is also reviewed on a regular interval.


Benefits of Wealth Management

  • Helping in creating a financial plan: Wealth Managers understand the client requirement and financial goals. It helps in creating a financial document in a systematic manner which helps in achieving goals.
  • It eliminates the financial stress: Wealth Manager has in-depth understanding of financial uncertainties. They have the expertise to take critical financial decisions for you. They can manage your finances in the toughest market conditions, thus can reduce or eliminate your stress
  • Expecting Personalized Services: Wealth Manager understands that there is no single formula for all the clients financial planning. Your Wealth manager keeps financial strategies to meet your personal requirement. You can reach out to your wealth manager and discuss your expectation anytime.


Wealth Management Solutions

Wealth Management provides Solutions to follow.

  • Financial Planning: It guides you to choose the right type of investment to achieve your goals (long term and short term)
  • Tax planning: As the name suggests, Analysis is done to reduce tax liabilities.
  • Insurance Advisory: It define an insurance portfolio, review insurance policy performance against objectives, evaluate underwriting offers and pricing and   also make aware of the client about the policy which suits his requirement.
  • Retirement Solutions: It helps in deciding your retirement age, how much money you will need as a monthly expense during retirement and your investment for retirement.
  • Estate Planning: Here how an Individual asset will be preserved, managed and distributed after death or when he is incapacitated. Strategies are made to make a will, make a charitable donation to limit estate tax, etc.
  • Portfolio Management: Portfolio Management helps in managing client individual investment in the forms of shares, bonds, cash, mutual funds etc. so that he can earn the maximum profit within the stipulated time frame.
  • Risk Management: As we know that we cannot separate Risk from Investment. There is always a risk due to various causes like political affairs, pandemic, recession, etc. Thus, Risk Management is the process of identification, analysis and acceptance of uncertainty in investment decisions


Banks in India which provides Wealth Management services

  • Kotak Mahindra
  • HDFC Bank
  • ICICI Bank
  • HSBC Bank
  • SBI Bank
  • Indian Bank
  • Canara Bank
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Barclays Bank



In this modern world, Management is the key to achieve more in an effective way within time frame. So, Wealth Management is one of the most important segments as all requirement or needs today from basic house hold items to major and complex financial requirement is fulfilled through wealth Management.

Our necessities are not only bound to our personal situation but also depend upon political and global situation. So, we must have to prepare from current situation, inflation and global ups and down. For e.g. Let’s take COVID, this pandemic had turn millions of people jobless due to market crash. So, one who has planned his wealth long time ago, not only survived but also lived his life stress-free.

In our Ancient times Rishis has also said that a person must have to save money from his earnings so that he can survive and his goals should not be hampered during uncertain time.




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