Health Insurance Government Scheme IX


         Health Insurance Government Scheme IX

In the Previous Post, we have mentioned Meghalaya Government health care Scheme who is helping for the Poor and underprivileged section of the society. In Health Insurance Government Scheme IX,  we will describe scheme run by Arunachal Pradesh State Government

  • Chief Minister Arogya Arunachal Yojana
  • Mission Pratiraksha
  • Chief Minister Renal Replacement Society


 Chief Minister Arogya Arunachal Yojana

The Chief Minister Arogya Arunachal Yojana was Launched in 2018 by Pema Khandu (CM of Arunachal Pradesh) to provide financial assistance for the Tribal Communities (these societies are socially and economically backward in the state) so that they can get quality medical care. This Yojana/Scheme provides Cashless Treatment facility by the Health and Welfare Department.

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Eligibility Criteria for the Yojana/Scheme

The Person have to fulfil certain criteria in order to become the Beneficiary of the Yojana

  • The person should be residing In Arunachal Pradesh.
  • The Person must be the mentioned in the Tribal communities or should have enrolled in the Arunachal Pradesh Scheduled Tribe.
  • The dependents can also take benefit of this Yojana if their Parents are employed in State Government.
  • The person belonging to the backward communities residing in Changlang, Lohit or Namsai having resident certificates.

Essential Documents Required to take the Benefit

Some of the documents are required to avail this benefit

  • It is Mandatory for the applicant to provide Aadhar card. If Dependents have to enrolled, they also have to present their Aadhar card in order to establish the proof of their relationship with the primary policy holder.
  • The Tribal certificate (issued by the State Government) is required to provide for the Person (He has to Show to the Officials) who belongs to the Arunachal Pradesh Schedule Tribe
  • The Candidate who is not a member of Arunachal Pradesh Schedule Tribe (APST) and is living in Namsai, Lohit or Changlang have to provide valid Resident certificate issued by the Authority.
  • The Person who is an employee of State Government have to present their ID card.  You have to produce Birth Certificate or Marriage Certificate in order to include the name of your child or Wife/Husband to include as a Beneficiary of this Yojana/Scheme.

Chief Minister Arogya Arunachal Yojana benefits

Benefits of this Yojana are as follows

  • The major benefits of this Yojana/Scheme are to reduce the financial liability of medical expenses who cannot afford it.
  • This Yojana provides Rs. 5 Lakh annually to the beneficiaries in which Rs. 1 Lakh for Secondary Treatment and Rs. 4 Lakh for Tertiary Treatment.
  • The Beneficiaries are benefited for cashless treatment which is paid by the State Government
  • The Beneficiary must go to the Empaneled Hospitals (Public, Private, Trust, Semi-Charitable etc.) for free treatment
  • This Yojana covered 1300 Healthcare procedures under 23 different secondary and tertiary categories.

 How you can Apply for this Yojana/Scheme

Please follow the steps for applying to this scheme

  • You have to Open the Website Chief Minister Arogya Arunachal Yojana (
  • On the Main page, Click the Box “Enrolment” and then Go to “Enroll” option and then click “Apply”
  • Once redirected to the new page, there is a box “Government Employee” or “Public”.
  • Once you fill the option you have to provide all the information and supporting documents.
  • You have to click “Save” while filing the form.
  • You can also check your Status on

Mission Pratiraksha

Regular Immunization Program is an important health program. As the name suggest, the government is fully committed and taking initiative on a mission basis to fully vaccinate children from 0-2 years age. Mission Indradhanush under the leadership by Government of India provide vaccine to children under age 0-2 years.

The Main Objective of the Mission Pratiraksha is to make reach of the available vaccine to the interior part of the population so that no one can be left out. It helps and provides complete immunization of the children and the pregnant women in the interior district or place where it is very difficult to reach.

The Children who came for vaccination for the first time is recorded and then reward will be given to ASHA and ANM decided by the government. The work done under Mission Pratiraksha in every district is deployed over 07 working days. These 07 days do not include holidays or Sunday and the routine immunization days planned that week.

All Beneficiaries who have been vaccinated or going for vaccination will be registered in MCTS/RCH Portal so that they can be tracked in near future. ASHA/ANM workers who inspire the people to come for vaccination for the first time is given Rs. 100 per case.

 Chief Minister Renal Replacement Society

The Objectives of this Society is to create a pool of fund called the Chief Minister Renal Replacement Fund.

On March 12 2018, The Government of Arunachal Pradesh declared to provide financial help to the patients who is suffering from End Stage Renal Disease (This is a Stage where a person kidney is fail to function on a permanent basis and it require permanent dialysis or a kidney transplant to maintain life).

It provides a financial help to Rs. 10 Lakhs amount per patient. The Amount is given on two installations at 70:30 ratio


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