Health Insurance Government Scheme VII


Health Insurance Government Scheme VII


In this Health Insurance Government Scheme VII, We will give few more  details about Health care Schemes provided by Assam Government which is given as below

  • Chief Minister’s Free Diagnostic Services
  • Free operations for children having congenital (defect at the time of birth or before) heart disease
  • Sneha Sparsha



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Chief Minister’s Free Diagnostic Services

As the name suggest “Free Diagnostic Services”, the Assam Government (Health Insurance Government Scheme VII) provides Free Diagnosis to every people of Assam (It means it is not limited only to APL or BPL status). The “Chief Ministers’ Free Diagnostic” Program will provide services like CT scan, X-Ray and Laboratory Services for free to every people of Assam.


CT Scan Services

Out of 28 CT Scan centers in 28 district, 24 CT Scan centers is already established and operational and remaining 4 will be completing shortly. All CT machines are of 16 Slice and GE make, the CT Scan images are taken by Qualified Radiologist through Tele Radiology.  All patient referred by government health institution will be provided CT scan free of cost.


X-Ray Services

There are 130 health institutions (PHC/CHC/DH) selected by Government will connected through Tele Radiology in which 78 is operational and remaining will be operational soon.  Every people of Assam will take benefit with this services despite of APL and BPL Status


Laboratory Services

The District Laboratory (DH/CHC/PHC) will be set up in all 28 districts in which 27 is operational.  These Laboratory services will provide free of cost to all.  There are 56 tests will be covered under this scheme. Free Lab Services Programe will be executed in  M/S HLL Lifecare Ltd.


Free operations for children having congenital heart disease

Congenital= Defect at the time of birth or before

The Government of Assam will take all expenses of the congenital heart disease surgery for the Children (Age group 0 to 14 years) to the permanent resident of Assam. The Government will also take care of the flight expense (Children and 01 Guardian) from Guwahati to the referred hospital. The Government will also bear expenses of the accommodation facility for the guardian near by hospital till the child is in hospital.


Eligibility for becoming Beneficiaries

  • The children age must be in between 0 to 14 years
  • The case must be certified by the HOD Paediatric Surgery, GMCH as requiring cardiac surgery
  • The guardian must be resident of Assam and whose annual salary or income must not exceed Rs. 6 lacs


Procedures for applying to get Benefit

The Patient’s Guardian must apply to the nodal officer along with the following documents

  • Application to the nodal officer for financial help
  • Permanent residential certificate of Assam
  • Address proof
  • Medical certificate requiring cardiac surgery by a qualified Cardiac Surgeon
  • The Beneficiaries have to submit all related documents like Doctor’s advice, X-Ray reports, Pathology test report to the Nodal officer for the consideration of this case
  • Referral/Transfer certificate is required for cardiac surgery including name of referral center.
  • Details of employment of guardian.
  • Income certificate
  • Letter from referral or Transfer hospital mentioning the provisional or unconfirmed date of operation
  • The patient must present himself before the State Nodal Officer or, free from physical examination by him on medical grounds.


Sneha Sparsha

The Assam government (Health Insurance Government Scheme VII) Implemented this scheme on April 15, 2013. This Scheme provides financial assistance to the Children (Families Whose annual salary is below 2.50 lac, priority BPL families) below 12 years. It gives financial assistance for highly specialized treatment like Liver and Kidney Transplant, Bone Marrow Transplant and Cochlear Implant.

The Beneficiaries have to submit documents (Income certificate) issued by Circle Officer, Sub Circle Officer, Deputy Commissioner, Block Development Officer etc.


Amount of Financial help for the Disease

  • Bone Marrow Transplant:  This Scheme will provide Rs. 10 Lac per case for such treatment, if the case is referred outside the state hospital.
  • Cochlear Implant: This Scheme will provide financial assistance of Rs.5.35 lakhs per case to BPL families and Rs. 3 Lakhs per case for APL families for cases which is referred outside the state, if required.
  • Liver Transplant: If a children require Liver Transplant, this scheme will provide financial help up to Rs. 16 lakhs per case for BPL families and Rs. 10 Lakhs per case for APL families. The required arrangement must be done for referrals of cases to the hospital outside the state.
  • Kidney Transplant:    For Kidney Transplant, a financial help of Rs. 3 Lakhs per case to BPL beneficiaries and Rs. 2 Lakhs per case to APL beneficiaries for cases outside state, if necessary
  • Artificial Limb: The Children who requires Artificial Limb will get a financial help of Rs. 1 Lakh for Cosmetic Limb and up to Rs. 2.50 lakhs for Artificial Limb if required.
  • Blood cancer: Children who is suffering from Blood cancer and require Chemotherapy will get a financial help of Rs 1 lakh per case.
  • Specialized Eye Surgery:  A Financial help of Rs. 15 thousand is given to the children who require Specialized Eye Surgery like Retinal Surgery or Posterior Segment Procedure
  • Tumours: Children who suffers from Solid Tumours like Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy will get a financial help up to Rs. 25,000.  Children who require cancer related surgery will get a financial help up to Rs.50,000.
  • Neurological Anomalies: Children who born with Neurological Abnormalities like Hydrocephalus and Spina Bifida will be assisted with Rs 50,000 for investigation, surgical treatment and rehabilitation.
  • Thalassemia: Children suffering from Thalassemia who are not fit for Bone Marrow Transplant but required specialized treatment like splenectomy, blood transfusion and associated medicines.



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